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Deal’s Cronies Fabricating Attacks To Cover For Deal’s Record

Deal’s Cronies Fabricating Attacks To Cover For Deal’s Record – On September 14, 2010, the Republican Governor’s Association put up a new ad attacking former Governor Roy Barnes. The ad falsely attacks Barnes on both education and jobs.

Deal’s Cronies Fabricating Attacks To Cover For Deal’s Record

Deal’s cronies must realize that they need to cover up his record. During Barnes’ tenure in the Governor’s office, Georgia gained 235,000 jobs and kept unemployment under 5% despite a recession; had lower class sizes; and had no teacher furloughs. The attack regarding job loss is a recycled 2002 attack that was proven false before. Washington politician Representative Nathan Deal on the other hand is one of the most corrupt members of Congress, votes against working Georgians and needs to hide his education record. No wonder the RGA must resort to false attacks

Deal’s Cronies Fabricating Attacks To Cover For Deal’s Record

Claims : Male #1:
And you remember how he made Georgia last – dead last in education?

Facts: Georgia SAT Scores Fall For Fourth Straight Year Georgia Students Continue To Perform Worse On SATs: On September 13, 2010, the Associated Press reported that for the fourth straight year, Georgia high school students did worse on the SAT college-entrance exams. The state‘s average score on the test was 1,453 in 2010, which was seven points lower than 2009 and a full 24 point drop from 2006.
(Associated press, September 13, 2010)

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